4. Praying with focus

Dear Sibling,

To be with Christ in Heaven, we must pray on earth.
And we must pray well.

But our mind can wander. This is normal, because we’re not yet perfect.

What we think about during prayer is usually our priority (that’s what my spiritual director told me). True.

Here are some tips to pray with focus:

  • When you’re about to pray, drop everything. Don’t multitask with prayer.
  • Say, “Dear Mom, help me pray with love and affection and devotion.”
  • Mean what you say; or your mind will look for entertainment.
  • If kneeling is distracting you, stop kneeling, keep praying.
  • If the prayer length is distracting you, say an “Our Father” with devotion and just listen to God
  • If sitting still is distracting you, pray while walking. Some monastic orders do this.
  • If you still can’t focus, just tell the Lord, “Lord, I can’t focus. Help me focus. Dear Mom, pray for me.”

But, I do find by step 2, my focus returns.

Ryan, Holy Family Catechism

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