8. The man on the cross

Dear Sibling,

We reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries today.

Notice our religion is the only one in the world where…

Our God is depicted as dying on the cross…

There’s a reason our Church remembers this moment in Christ’s life over any other.

It’s to recall His enormous love for us.

We are sorrowful not because an innocent man was killed.
That is something to sorrow over. But…

We are sorrowful because the God Who loved us,
Who didn’t need to save us,
Who didn’t need to suffer,
Who didn’t need to die,

Chose to suffer and to die precisely because He loved us.

He wanted to save us from the penalty of our sins.

So, when you see the cross, see it for what it is:
God nailed to two beams – bruised, beaten, bloodied, dying.
Because He wanted to save us from the penalty of our sins.

That is why we sorrow.

Ryan, Holy Family Catechism

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