9. The three fires

Dear Sibling,

There are three fires:

The fires of life.
The fires of purgatory.
And the fires of Hell.

The fires of life are there to purify us while we live. If we let them purify us, we go straight to Heaven.

If we do not let the fires of life purify us, we will be purified in the fires of purgatory.

And if we do not ever seek purification, we are submerged in the fires of Hell.

Life can be hot. But purgatory is hotter. And Hell is the hottest.

So, do we want to experience the fires of life, purgatory or Hell? We get to choose and there are no other options.

Choose to purify yourself in the fires of life!

The fires of life include daily things that test our patience, trust in God, prayer life, etc.

By doing so, you avoid Hell, skip purgatory and enter straight into Heaven…

To do this:

Consecrate yourself to Our Dear Blessed Mother.
Say your Rosary daily.
Go to Mass every Sunday.
Go to Confession every month.
Say, “Lord, today, I will be a better person today than yesterday.”

Ryan, Holy Family Catechism

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