11. God chose to save you

Dear Sibling,

I was always confused as to why Christ had to die on the cross.

In RCIA, I learned the answer.

Every action merits a response. Every sin merits eternal death.

For one sin, this is a heavy price.

But there isn’t one sin. Each of us commits thousands.

And for each soul, the price becomes heavier.

But there isn’t one of us. There are billions of us.

The price for this quantity of souls with this quantity of sins is, by God’s choice, God’s death on the cross.

Now, He did not need to save us. He only needs Himself. He was happy before us. He would be happy whether we existed or not.

But, because He loved us, He created us. And because He loved us, He chose to save us.

For our sake alone, He mounted the cross and died.

My tip for today: as you pray the Sorrowful Mysteries, just pause for one second and remember that God chose to die to bring you home.

– Ryan, Holy Family Catechism

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