15. Scenes of His suffering


Dear Sibling,

Today, we reflect on Christ’s suffering and death.

Have we grown cold to Christ’s suffering?

Perhaps we’ve heard it so many times that we become numb to the history.

We see the images so often that we walk past the Crucifix and the Stations of the Cross without a second glance.

I do this too.

One method I use when saying the Rosary is for every decade, I imagine one scene of the sorrowful mystery with every Hail Mary.

If my mind is busy, doing this is a fight for about 3 Hail Mary’s. But, when I get to the 4th or 5th, the images become more dramatic.

And then near the end of the decade, I am brought low because His suffering is tangible. It touches your soul. You can feel it.

On a few occasions, I was brought to tears.

Our spirits will burn again just thinking of His love for us.

– Ryan

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