36. The Cross teaches us to love


Dear Sibling,

I always asked myself why Christ had to suffer.

And recently, I found the answer.

According to St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, to God, there were many ways to achieve salvation.

But the one God chose was the one where Christ would suffer and die.


Because God saw that it was the most profitable solution.

We needed to learn that sins have consequences.

If there was no punishment for sin, we would fall into even greater sin.

And we needed to learn how much God loved us.

This He proved when He chose to pay the price for our sins and die on the Cross.

By His gruesome death that He did not have to do, He showed how much He loved us.

And that demonstration would evoke a response in us to love Him back.

He did all this because He knew it was the best way for us to come home.

So today, look at the Cross and appreciate the Cross.

By the Cross, God has set us free.

– Ryan

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