38. New Approach


I’m taking a new approach to this blog. There are ideas I want to capture, but I have no where to store them.

Well, I’ll store them here.

Faith & Family

I find waking up 2 hours before everyone else and saying my TLMW prayers outside in the morning to be very profound. I’m with God in these moments.

During prayer, it dawned on me: sometimes the difference between Heaven and Hell on earth is a viewpoint change.

My business has growing pains and sometimes I’m not sure about myself. When I view my life from the identity of an entrepreneur, it’s like purgatory.

At the same time, I’m home more often and get to spend time with my son. And when I view my life from the identity of a Catholic father, when I see my son’s smile, it’s heaven.

So the pain hasn’t gone, but my spirit is no longer burdened. I can continue my day with some sense that things will be okay.


I’m in the midst of a major change for my business. I’ll mention more about the business as the days go on.

But, the biggest lesson I wanted to share was: our most valuable time as entrepreneurs is spent on thinking. I’ll also add prayer.

Prayer and thinking give us time to orient our whole day around right decisions. Then, when the torrent of the world comes upon us, we can now take decisive actions towards the right goals.


I power lift as my form of exercise. I’ve been doing it now for 6 months (but I’ve been exercising consistently for over a decade).

Powerlifting has many benefits, the first of which is the formation of good habits, the second of which is health and strength, and the third of which is confidence.

So, when I hit plateaus in powerlifting, I always need to look for solutions to help me get through it. I’ve been hitting plateaus for the deadlift, squat and overhead press. And the exercises that are helping practice through those plateaus or rack pulls, dead squats, pause squats and push presses. All of these have been helping me gain confidence against those plateaus.

To your sanctity!

– Ryan

– Ryan

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