39. You’re not useless


Faith & Family

Many people may measure themselves against their income and their assets. Am I meeting the standards of my family? Am I pulling my weight as understood by my peers? It’s easy to feel these things when you have little left in your account and you need to live off someone else’s support.

But, measure yourself against grace. Are you in a state of grace? Then you’re doing well and God will continue to carry you. The world measures us by what it can measure, but we Christians must measure ourselves by what cannot be measured, which is God’s grace.

You are not useless if you earn little. You are precious in God’s eyes and as long as you are doing His will, you are doing the greatest work possible that you could do at the moment.

Finance & Entrepreneurship

My brother and I run a “luxury barbershop”. I hate those words, because we want to be more than that. But, for 2 years, that’s all I knew how to present the business. Why?

Well, that was because I didn’t know why we entered the business anymore. What was driving me forward to this degree? I lost sight of our customer and our reason for existing.

But, with our business coach, we’re now getting down to the root of our business. We’re starting to figure out what it all means and why we started. And it leads to the most important thing in your business: The MDP.

The MDP or Market Dominating Position is the reason you have dominance in your market. If you do not have a clearly defined market, you cannot have an MDP. If you do not have a clearly strong differentiation from your competitors that is valuable to your market, you cannot have an MDP.

The MDP is the reason your business will succeed. Without an MDP, you cannot have a business. That’s why our business struggled. No MDP.

As such, before you start your business, or if you have already started, just point figure out your market and your MDP.


I’ve taken a short break from powerlifting to heal my injuries (strain above my knee caps, in my pecs and in my left bicep). The best recovery I could think of was skipping and fasting, because skipping keeps the body active with minimal damage and fasting reduces inflammation.

I hope these To your sanctity!

– Ryan

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